Conversations by Baatein

Dilli Haat chapter

Baatein returned with its first confluence of artists for the year 2019. 

We, at Baatein, aim to create an art fraternity within Delhi and across the country. Having already hosted poetry events in collaboration Ama Café, the Indian Youth Festival, and The Great Indian Film and Literary Festival to name a few, we successfully organized our first event of 2019 at Dilli Haat, INA on the 1st of Feb. 


The event had poets, storyteller, and musicians who came together to celebrate the love for words and verses.

Our performers

Gurmehar Kaur,

Featured Performer

Gurmehar Kaur is a woman of vivacity and volume. She has changed the way youth rebels and demands answers. An author at a young age, she has not only published her first book but has also traveled places owing to her reputation that precedes her. After finishing her first book 'Small Acts of Freedom' the spirited writer and activist is onto her second one. 

She has faced adversities that just didn't deter her from rising like a phoenix again and again. We admire her and everything she stands for. We are delighted to have her for our event as our prime speaker.