जीवन की आपाधापी

दायरे (Limitations)

We have all become directionless in the turmoil of life. In

the chaos of living life, the difference between right and

wrong is forgotten, as if there is neither black nor white. We

are all in the race to get to the destination with the help of

crisscrossing lines.

बंदिश (Restrictions)

The cataclysm of life has crossed all the limits. White and

Black are not limited to mindset rather have started torturing

the body too. Humanity is humiliating as we are not only

killing animals and plants but humans too.

सयंम (Restraint)

The need of the hour is to have patience, little firmness and

faith. Leaving behind criticism, outrage and racism, we all

have to make a world where we all live in harmony & peace

and live like humans. This will be a blessing and lead us

to prosperity.