A Quarantine Love Story

Picture by Arushi Rawat

The first time we met, you wore white

You smelled like a new day

And I was hoping for my night to end

Our first night turned into our second day

And as you wrapped me in your arms

Time slipped in between the sheets

I sneaked off work, you let go of your routine

In the endless excuses we made to meet

Sparks flew, expectations grew, but was it love?

Was it love when you wiped away my tears?

Was it love when you cared for me like you had known me for years?

A month later we were thrown off the deep end

A situation even hopeless romantics drown in

Under lockdown, in quarantine, at your home

We managed to get by

We fell into our own routine, seeking momentary bliss in the chaos of the world

I found my happiness in our little plays, in your bed, and by your side

But your happiness lied on the field, and not beside mine

Our fire blurred my thoughts

Those nights still haunt me today

The things that you said so effortlessly

Are stuck in my head permanently

3 months with you feels like a lifetime ago now

Maybe it only paused our impending doom

Because as the world opened up, we closed ourselves to love

You left the first chance you got

You didn't turn back

And I wonder

"Was it so easy to let me go?"


"Is this what I deserve?"

"We weren't meant to be"

You proclaim

Like it never meant anything to you in the first place

It was indeed not love and it was indeed easy for you

to make a fool out of my love.