Adore and Amor

Adore asked Amor,

Standing beneath their fav tree,

How can I love you?

When love isn't free,

How much does it cost,

Asked Amor stunned.

To some, it's life and other's lifetime,

Adore quietly returned.

But why can't I love you;

Asked Amor agitated.

Because we both have the same genitals,

Replied Adore suffocated.

But love has no gender,

Said Amor with conviction.

But society does have,

Replied Adore in contradiction.

Adore continued to sway,

We are bound by the laws in some books residing,

Amor was adamant to fathom,

But aren't nature the supreme one, everything deciding,

Adore asked sobbing in grief,

This argument can continue to eternity or we could kiss a final goodbye

Amor retaliated in a choking voice,

If that's how I get to love you forever then the argument is my reply.