Baatein and Fuzia co-create channels of expression

Baatein is delighted to embark on a new chapter with Fuzia to bolster our community of creative writers, poetry and storytelling enthusiasts, and wonderful creators.

This is the start of a new channel (offline and online) to welcome women of all walks of life and backgrounds to express themselves unflinchingly and unapologetically. We are delighted to be one of them

More about Fuzia:

Fuzia is a digital platform for females of all age group, backgrounds, and ethnicity, actively making use of virtual space to showcase their talent, creativity in any form. Fuzia also tries to help women connect with each other, learn & grow through mutual exchange of knowledge, creative skills with constant support from their fellow Fuziaites/ our team of counselors.  With over 4 Mn followers from around the globe and 30,000 active users on the website, we aim to make efforts in empowering women in all possible ways, we can. 

Fuzia started with just 2 beautiful and inspiring ladies Riya Sinha and Shraddha Varma and over the last 3 years, has expanded into a global team with people from the U.S, India, Bangladesh, Morocco, Egypt, Russia, Pakistan and other countries. Fuzia has an enthusiastic team of  all females where in 35% of the team consists of part time interns from different colleges, helping us in empowering women.

Thank you Fuzia for starting this conversation. We are delighted to extend this opportunity to our community of exploring a bigger canvas of expression and narration.

It gives us immense pleasure to form this creative partnership with such a wonderful, global initiative that is harnessing female narratives through creative and open channels.

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