Baatein partners with Indian Women Blog to bring Expressions to jaipur

The journey of self-expression is to arrive at its next destination: Jaipur.

Expression is our tool, medium and often outcome to understand our emotions and honestly what makes us human. Baatein has been trying to create alternate channels for expressions to thrive and we have successfully taken our flagship 'Expressions' Workshop to various audiences.

Contributing to our journey to help people explore their inner creativity, we are delighted to bring our Self-Expression Workshop to Jaipur.

BAATEIN in partnership with INDIAN WOMEN BLOG, will be hosting a two-day workshop for Jaipur residents on the 7th and 8th of September, 11 am onwards.

Let us introduce the teams:


Baatein is a Delhi-based creative platform, founded by Chhaya Dabas in 2014, which welcomes creative and curious minds to explore and understand the art of expression by indulging in the variety of forms and means; be it poetry, story-telling or any other mode. Baatein delves into poetry and story-telling forms through workshops, open mics, podcasts and creative events, to bridge the gap between thoughts and their expression; to ignite and help spread art and conversations surrounding it; beyond linear and digital channels.


Indian Women Blog is an online media platform that shares stories of women, helping them

explore and express thoughts. It helps them nurture the ideas of self-acceptance and self-love. Their creative campaigns aim to shatter the stereotypes, break through the mainstream notions and bring together women-who are beautiful in their own way, and help uplift and appreciate other women, at the same time sharing their stories.



( 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM )

● What is an expression?

● Understanding Navras.

● What do you mean by it?

● Is it a general/ universal/ subjective/ personal term?

● Various forms of expression.

● Can expression take any form?

● Exploring our expressions.


( 2:30 PM - 5:00 PM )


● Overcoming the Barrier of ‘SELF’ in Self-Expression.

● Creative process of transforming your expression into a story.


(11:00 AM - 2:00 PM )

● Exploring different styles of expression

● Act it out

● Rewrite a story

● Writing a story together

● Being a storyteller in various ways


(2:30 PM - 5:00 PM )


● Creative process of transforming your expression into a story ( PART 2)

● When your story becomes a part of a cultural/ ideological/ social movement


Chhaya Dabas: Founder at Baatein. She is a writer, a teacher, an entrepreneur, a public speaker and a cancer survivor. She is also a TEDx speaker and an alumna of King’s College London.

Parnika Bhardwaj: Creative Head at Baatein. She is a graduate from Miranda House and is a theatre enthusiast. Her medium to express is spoken word and the language she finds her roots in Hindi. She believes in the power of words and stories.

Anastassiya Savchenko: Founder at Indian Women Blog. She is a Brand Communication Expert, Media Professional and the Founder of IWB. She exhibits vast experience of more than ten years in advertising, communication and journalism.

Arunima: Writer at Indian Women Blog. She observes, feels, and thinks a lot - and in these tendencies found her passion for writing. A slow life lover and aesthete, she believes in the power and magic of conversations and words.

Pratiksha Dixit: Social Media Editor at Indian Women Blog, is touching 5 years in digital publishing and advertising. A huge fan of classic handwritten letters and an impulsive poet, she loves buying and hoarding cat merchandise. Sometimes, even to the last penny in her account. Often found venting out through her pen in her favourite cafe Curious, Pratiksha seeks to boldly square up to her biggest fear - 'Public Speaking' in the upcoming workshop of Baatein in Jaipur.

To register for the workshop:

Follow the link or write to us at

You can also call us at +91 9650013448.

Do come! It will be an incredible journey.