Picture by Arushi Rawat

Death isn't an irrational fear anymore It is as concrete as you and me

In it's flesh and bone

Living next door

Banging on every door

Breaking the ice with final wishes

Extending the fetter of goodbyes

And calling out the names off the list Starring right into our eyes

And Waiting for a raised hand

Interrupted by this abrupt raid

We're just standing there

Holding a broom

Wishing we had better clothes on

Wishing for the strands of hair

To just maintain the decorum

Startled and confused

We start looking for a nametag

But when did death ever need an introduction It seems like a deja vu

But time's way too fast for us

to remain perplexed for another second Suddenly we find ourselves

Bargaining for the breaths

Of our loved ones

Making deals with its supervisor

But No matter how desperately we try To switch places

Death doesn't wait any longer

And it drags out the ones it came for And we sit there

Folding your weak knees

Trying to let it all in

But eventually leaving most of it at the door Trauma becomes a luxury we can't afford So see death morphing in the oblivion Leaving all the traces behind

For us to follow

When our names appear on the list