Full & Half

Picture Credits: Cover Art by Elise Von Craft

A poem dedicated to twins separated before birth; and my friend, Anvita.


A full nine months they were to wait to bring you and I into this world

Dadi wore a full smile for a boy and a girl

A phone full of calls when the relatives were told

Soon, a house full of voices, both young and old

A full life was ours to be, with two of everything to make complete

Two of all to make four, so there was never less, always more

Heads full of dreams for us and hearts full of love

But just before we were to arrive, a bed full of scarlet blood

The ambulance took a full hour to reach while our mother felt her world burn

A room full of screaming silence when you were gone, never to return.


It took them half a day to bring me into this world

Half the joy when they welcomed their little baby girl

I breathed half the air, cried half the while

When Ma held me the first time, she wore half a smile

Half a mind on you when they did everything twice for me

Just half the memories and half the moments of what really could have been

Half a photo album filled with spaces left for you

Half the clothes I wore were pink, all the others blue

Half my life spent not knowing that there had ever been a ‘we’

It took our mother half an hour to tell the truth to me.

•Full & Half•

Half and Full, Full and Half

For every smile and every laugh

Is there a part which I do for you?

Talk, laugh, and think too much

Is that why I care as such?

I’d only ever counted half the stars in the sky

So when I heard the truth, there had never even been a lie;

Because somewhere deep inside, a part of me is a part of you

Because sometime long ago, we weren’t one half of a soul, but two.