Keep going

Still sitting there and wondering 'what is life' just because you got another assignment for the next week? Or the teacher who wasn't expected to take a class, came and took a longer class than usual? Or because you couldn't go to watch a movie with your friends because you had work? Or because of any other reason. 

You need to realize your life is much better than those who cannot even experience all this. You're wearing clothes which are admired and desired by people who cannot even afford it. You're working over something, the other person will never even know about. You're eating something delicious while someone starved to death.

You're working hard for yourself. You just have a name, you're working to earn an identity.

For once, we need to stop complaining and start enjoying the little bits of our lives. We won't get these back. We give up once and it's gone forever. Aim. Try. Fall. Get up. Fail. Learn. Improve. Achieve. 

We’re not the snow that melts. We’re the sun that shines bright. Support yourself when no one else does. But stop cursing your life or your destiny. Don't give up. Don't miss the stars while getting afraid of the dark.

I know life is hard at times. It is not what you expected.  Every sea gets rough atleast once. There will be nights and days you'll struggle to get over, hoping everything will be better, but it doesn't. It'll get worse. But it'll get better as well. You'll have to struggle to get out of everything that suffocates you, everything that makes you doubt your own worth it.

You're here to do something for yourself and achieve what you aspire for. Downfalls and success are a part of it. And if you give up on every opportunity you get, you won't get any better.

Sooner or later the odds will be in your favour. Just keep going. Don't give up. For you, there will be brighter days and peaceful nights. 

No matter what you're going through, everything will be fine. You'll be fine. Believe in yourself and your belief. Till then remember you're beautiful and you're strong