Last Evening

Updated: Jul 24, 2019

It was 19:21 when he asked me to hold his hand and walk, walk, until he chewed every bit of those remaining

orange, lemon, melon, peach... So, I walked until he asked me to wait, stop, rest, "STOP! Wait for me!" How do I do that? I learnt how to cry, yell, walk, run, escape...

but stop?, wait?... Hey, shall I show you how to hide?  I know how to run!  Yes, lemme run and get you the last bit of orange? "Stop. No. Don't. It's. You'll. Dark. Wait." and I fell. "So finally you stopped, eh?" Did I? He lifted me up in his arms

carried me further towards the last bite of orange. "Taste it! Quick!" I was about to bite it.  But...



I could see nothing. It went dark.  Orange, melon, lemon, peach... Where were they? Were they all gone? He was carrying me! Wasn't he?  Where's he?  Who's he, here? He was silver, blue, white, shimmery. Like silhouettes of silk. When did he turn dark, silent and quite? Like a long dark tunnel. So I did what I was taught. I tried to run, jump, cry, scream, laugh.. I couldn't. I was curled within him like white mourning sheets, at rest, at peace. My hands were chained to the sound of my own songs. He erected lone tombstones full of soundless bones on my tongue. For a while my stomach felt light, weightless yet swelled

in the humidity like lament or rain. His clothes echoed, hushed like a tree. I could listen to each one of them, grandma, grandpa, my neighbour, my friend's mom... A few words echoed,

from a face without a mouth,

a tongue without a throat. He walked towards me with a slipper without a foot. I saw him.  He "Stopped"  whispered in my ear,

"It's time, darling! You don't have to run anymore!" There, Then, In his laps It was 19:41 when he finally taught me how to



Written by Prachi Batra