Life During Pandemic

Picture by Arushi Rawat

I still remember the day,

When I got the sudden news of lockdown.

I thought it would be temporary,

And won’t affect me much.

But it became permanent,

Who knows what the future has for you;

What plans God have for you.

And I was blown away with the extension of the lockdown,

This was not the last time,

It happened for 2nd,3rd,4th time;

And it continued till today.

What am I supposed to do?

And what I was doing in my life,

All because of the virus.

Staying indoors is the only option,

Safe for all of us.

But But But…

Life can’t stop for any of us,

We all have basic needs;

Due to which one has to step out from their homes.

I thought that God is just testing us,

And hoped it wouldn't last long,

But now it’s almost 1 year;

Which made me accept the reality,

“The New Normal”,

Where using sanitizers, wearing masks,

And having no social contact is normal.

But we all are together in this.

I didn’t really know,

That it will affect me hard;

It affected me when I lost,

I lost someone special during such times.

And I realized the pain of all those,

Who lost their special ones.

I know it’s not the end;

Hoping things get back to the old normal.

It’s a tough time for all of us,

But being optimistic;

Is the only thing we all could do.

And soon we’ll be over with it one day.

And soon we’ll be over with it one day.