Make your story count

Remember how you smiled at strangers on the first day of your newly shuffled class? For who could know that in-between the ‘chemical bonding and molecule structure’ in a classroom, little hearts were bonding.

Remember after that scuffle on the road, when with a broken nose you find yourself pacing up and down - waiting to hear about the friend who they drove in on a stretcher; remember the kind and reassuring words of a familiar stranger?

Remember the pre-lockdown mornings, when days started with conversations? Guard bhaiya’s smile was one in a many that warmed the day. Remember how for that chitter chatter you would be abreast with the know-how of the world you called home?

Let’s take a moment to remember all those conversations that made our story more vivid and vibrant.

Dear reader,

No matter where you are reading this, I must tell you that we are connected. We are connected through our stories, experiences and our cognizance of this passing time and world. in this education, we are learning to live, love, hope and believe together - in the midst of shared and borrowed grief.

We’re still stories in formation and our words are still writing the next chapters. Our stories impact us, our immediate neighbours and the young minds that will one day read our stories to learn, love, lead, lean and live better.

You know, that’s no small responsibility. So make each word, each story, each conversation count. Your time is now to shape your story for your reader.

Make it a worthy read. On a side note.

11th July 2020

Dear reader,

From the core of our humble, imperfect hearts we wish you all immense love, happiness, good health, and a long exciting journey of life. er, we are eight billion humans with eight billion life stories. This world is so much more than what we’re going through today. So next time we meet, let’s stretch our arms a little wider, hug a little tighter and have conversations that engage our senses. Till then, let the memories of the times we shared warm our hearts. Kuch din aur sahi janaab, magar jab milenge toh mulakaat yaadgaar hogi”  Love, Team Baatein