Picture by Arushi Rawat

A wise man once said "whatever has to happen will happen" and "whatever happens, happens for good". We may not realize this easily and sometimes, get very distraught by things around us and may even find excuses to justify the outcome.

However, sometimes, such twists in life turn into the greatest opportunity of your lifetime. This is depicted very well in the movie 'Queen'. Kangana Ranaut, as Raani, plays the role fantastically. Her fiancé abandons her a day before their wedding, as he finds her conservative, old-fashioned and inapt for his status.

Shattered and shocked, Raani then decides to go solo on her honeymoon trip to Paris. It is at this point that I wonder if this trip in itself is a figment of the director's imagination. Do parents really allow their daughters to go out just like that, especially after such an incident? Though, in my opinion, it should happen. Everybody has the right to live happily and with dignity, and well Rani's life goes on to become just that owing solely to this trip.

In Paris, Rani meets all kinds of people and in the process, she learns who she is and what she wants from her life. The character is very strong and powerful, representing women's independence and self-sufficiency.

It just shows that a little push, be it in the form of being ditched or in being a failure, can become the greatest boon of life and and can open paths that lead to happiness. Reiterating what a wise man once said: "YOLO - You Only Live Once", so why not make the best out of it?