The kitchen katch

Picture by Arushi Rawat

An open letter to All the Sparking Chefs Of Pandemic

Dear "King Cooks",

During the pandemic, the taste that you infused in your mastered dishes was surely grooving. Be it making the very trending Dalgona or going that extra mile for that cheese burst homemade pan pizza, you rocked everything.

But now, as we move to the new normal and you resume to that Rat race again...I hope we continue to do our bit.

Let's say it aloud "COOKING IS NOT A GENDER-BASED ART" and art has a way of changing lives. So if you think you can put a smile by simply making that Adrak wali chai for your mum, then why not do it every day. The Nourishing ladies of our houses have been nailing this art for years without any holiday.

Sometimes, she also needs that Kit-Kat break during the whole day full of house chores.

Trust me, it's always about the small things. And let's completely normalise watching our dads or brothers cooking for us or cleaning utensils while your mom binges Netflix. Not a big deal, right?

After all, Cooking is love made visible and this pandemic has clearly told us why it is so important to express our love before it gets too late.

Lots of hugs

A Sparking Chef of Pandemic