What is Poetry and 5 reasons to Attend Conversations by Baatein.

Painting by Rinden Yolmo

cold with frost beating in my heart poetry is the blanket I seek warmth in

chaos with letters dancing on the edge of my mouth the air sucked back in, chocking my throat poetry is the sigh that has longed to be freed

calm with syllables pounding against my chest bones crackling as if in celebration of their victory my fingertips drawing your name on my tongue poetry is my mother's arms which actually never left me

catharsis with my mind, body, soul, being I plunge myself into the unknowing with these red hands, I roamed these worlds the curtain befalling, falling on you and me

to cease is to not exist poetry is the soul bleeding on paper, crying a river within you and me.

I can only speak about what poetry means to me and not what poetry is supposed to be. To be able to understand even an iota of what poetry is, one needs to read a lot of it and moreover live their lives through the poems they write. The intensity and power of poetry is aptly described by Kamla Das in her poem, 'Summer In Calcutta'

"What is this drink but The April sun, squeezed Like an orange in My glass? I sip the Fire, I drink and drink"

Where she uses a metaphor to describe poetry as 'an April sun squeezed like an orange juice' with all its sunshine and warmth being showered onto the poet. Poetry for you might be different but the only, single most important way to find out, is to take chances and live your life through very poems you write and read.

Baatein is providing you with such an opportunity to witness some of the finest poets coming together in the city. So, for one evening, let the words, people and their stories overwhelm you and let's embark on this journey together.

1. Not only poetry. Duh!

As much as we love to write and read out loud, Baatein for its very first event of 2019 is bringing poetry, music, story-telling and photography all together at one stage. There will be like-minded people from all over the city at one place creating and discussing everything art.

2. Admire, Inspire, Aspire

Do you know the story behind the grocer who brings you household vegetables daily or the Tikki wale bhaiya who works all through the day serving mouth-watering tikkis to people? Every person has a story to tell and more often than not, some stories which are worth sharing go blatantly unheard. Witness and hear some of the most inspirational people that you will ever meet in your life

3. Wingardium leviosa

Magic, other than at Hogwarts, is very much possible in our little muggle world. We believe, words have the power to lift objects, fight enemies, topple over governments and moreover, make you feel. Why then would anyone not witness some of the most talented people in the city create magic with their words and music on stage.

4. The Place!

We couldn't have chosen a better venue than Dilli Haat at INA. The cultural diversity that breed and throbs in the heart of the city is the ideal place to promote and support art and the local artists around us.

5. And of course, the memories!

Baatein is an enthusiastically and energetically driven organisation. We're not gonna rest and keep bringing quality content at every opportunity that we get. Conversations by Baatein is our baby step for much bigger things to come. So come with your friends and family and let's enjoy a lovable evening of poetry and stories, making memories together.

Image by Rinden Yolmo

Register at https://www.baatein.in/poetry-events