When Baatein and ST+Art India brought poetry to the streets

T.S Elliot words make sense as I pen down my thoughts today, “So I find words I never thought to speak, in streets I never thought I should revisit.”

Poetry was always meant to take to spill beyond pages and lines. It is meant to mobilize, energize and encourage conversations. With the same spirit, Baatein collaborated with ST+Art India (Street Art India, an organization dedicated to transforming public spaces with art) to organize a spoken word event on 24th February 2019 as part of their 2nd Lodhi Art Festival.

Baatein brought its flagship idea ‘Conversations by Baatein’ to the street of Lodhi Colony, Delhi by inviting 10 brilliant poets and performers to take the stage and sway the audience. Some notable names who joined the evening were Rahul Augustine, Anureet Watta, Anand Raj Reetey and of course in-house poets, Parnika Bhardwaj, and Varun Ahuja.

It was a wonderful experience that taught us that art has no boundaries, formalities or limitations. We were overwhelmed to see an audience of over 80 people that came to cheer the performers. Even local residents stepped out to immerse in an evening of poetry and conversations.

We are grateful to ST+art India who started this beautiful initiative and invited us to become a part of the second edition of Lodhi Art Festival.

The evening saw some brilliant performances on love, heartbreaks, depression, and empowerment; it was comforting to see people think and talk about things we tend to overlook but need dire tending to.

Baatein aims to create safe spaces for all forms of conversations. It aims to create a space where one can talk, express and feel free to expose their heart, thoughts, and vulnerabilities beyond the construct of four walls.

Baatein is grateful for its community that sustains us and helps us to grow, each day, and each moment.

Thank you ST+art India, the performers, and the most cherished audience.

Lots of love,

Team Baatein