Words on Bathroom Walls

By Arushi Rawat

I knew that something wasn't right,

But now I am pretty sure that something's really not right.

My nerves are like a thunderstorm hitting the ground.

I really want someone to be around.

My mind is getting filled with bad intentions.

My heart is beating fast like a strong wave in the ocean.

My thoughts are turning into bad vibes like a forest fire.

My hands and feet are getting numb like I am going to be dead in a situation dire.

Now can you imagine what's really wrong?

I think you can picture what built on like a firestorm.

I feel like everything's changing around me.

I try to make people understand what it is that has gotten into me

I tried to control it, but it was tough to do something that is not even possible.

I tried to imagine what happy days were like, but it becomes uncontrollable.

I wanted to make things right, but there's something stopping me, and that's what I didn't like.

And now I realized what was wrong and what was right, but none of it matters, does it?