You and I

Met through a photograph covered in blood,

Your smile was dazzling, even when among the dirt.

A look at its back was enough for me,

For it said that you really really love me.

I spent nights in my bunk thinking about you,

Your eyes, your laugh, of love that is true.

I dreamed of our life, our home, our kids for

I know we’d produce some happy misfits.

I know that you think we do not have time.

But trust me, darling, for you shall be mine.

Because we’re destined to be together

Why else would I have found you here, ever?

You and I; we are unconventional.

For who meets a girl at an army station?

I was very lucky I came across you.

My life turned bright from its hues of blue.

This silence that follows all the violence

Makes me rethink my life and of its mess

Do I want to continue or come back?

Will you wait for me at our little shack?

I wonder what my life would have been

If I hadn’t found you in that jungle in

The war; in that man’s hand were you clutched,

His eyes were wide open at his bleeding gut.

You rescued me from my own mind and filled.

In me, the need to survive. I will come back.

In search of you, to make all our dreams come true.

I will find you and kiss you, and thank you.

This is all I think as I lay on the ground,

Thinking, feeling, praying all day round.

Praying for my soul to escape my body,

So I may meet you in the land that’s holy.

My hands clutch the photograph to protect it from the fire.

That swiftly moves towards me with reason to devour

It starts at my leg, which is rendered helpless.

As they came in at night, to ensure destruction endless

It’s about to end; it’s been hours since the fire stopped.

I’m waiting for my body to be taken away to god.

I feel someone open my hand though,

And take you away from me before I go.

I try to scream, I try to shout,

but that’s when my body gives out.