What we Do


Our creative workshops are known to offer innovative solutions to help better absorption and realisation of ideas and expressions.


Baatein curates and organises workshops under the following categories:

Effective communication and skill development on varying topics such as management, podcasting, leadership, entrepreneurship, and creative expressions.

- Interactive speaker sessions and workshops on entrepreneurship and leaders

- Creative workshops for schools and colleges on topics such as:

  • Expressions’ workshop 

  • Writer’s block 

  • Transmedia storytelling

  • Creative writing

  • Building an idea from scratch


Baatein is dedicated to fostering literary communities in India by its various creative engagements. It has been nurturing and strengthening a community of artists, creative minds, art, and conversation enthused audiences with an aim to revive conversations. 


Our routes:

  • Poetry and storytelling events

  • Open Mic events

  • House concerts

  • Curated and thematic events for organisations and brand partnerships 

  • Artist-talk sessions.

Baatein has successfully organized over 20 engagements, at venues such as Lodhi Art District, India Habitat Centre and Kiran Nadar Museum of Art.

Write to us at hellobaatein@gmail.com to get in touch. 

Creative Content

Our ideas sometimes require the right articulation. You're journey sometimes needs to be documented, strategically presented and narrated to the world in a conversational manner. We at Baatein understand that need and yearning.

Having worked with some notable names such as Hindustan Times, we believe we can help to devise content plans, ideate and retell your story in a refreshing manner. 


Baatein excels in quality content and creative strategy, which brings us to help the clients under the following:


Customised notes and letters

Journalistic content  

Research articles

Writing and editing 

Customized newspaper and magazine for children 

Personalized notes and wedding stories

So let us tell your story. Come say hi at hellobaatein@gmail.com and form a beautiful narrative together. 

Podcasts by baatein

We understand that communication and language are essential, especially in times of frittered attention, easy access, digital spaces of crowded information and the ongoing pandemic. A brand must stand out and communicate a clear and unique language through its storytelling abilities in order to evoke more humane connections. With this notion, Baatein also functions as a podcast producer for various platforms, owing to the growing fondness for this industry in the marketing field.

Want us to produce podcasts for you? Write to us at hellobaatein@gmail.com


We also run our own series by the name of ‘Baatein By Chhaya Dabas’ which is available on all major audio streaming platforms. 


For podcasting, we can provide services for: 

  • Consultancy - Content curation, scripting, ideation, creative strategy, training, and workshops.

  • Production - recording, curating and editing.

  • Post-production - polishing, creative garnishing, and distribution strategy.

Baatein recently joined forces with Hindustan Times for their new initiative Health Shots to co-produce a series of women-oriented podcasts, revolving around health.

Write to us at hellobaatein@gmail.com and let us build a narrative together.