Our Story

Baatein is an initiative committed to enhancing the creative expression potential of individuals and organisations. 

Already an established name in the literary circles of India, Baatein has grown from a modest online community for literary expressions into a full-fledged organisation active in the field of communication development and targeted dissemination. 


This includes, but is not limited to, podcasting; developing and delivering workshops on communication creativity and effectiveness for various target audiences; developing creative content (offline and online) for its valued clients, and, running vibrant creative expression platforms that help creative individuals to interact and network. 


Baatein was set by Chhaya Dabas (Two times TED speaker, UN GirlUp speaker, entrepreneur, and a teacher) an alumna of the University of Delhi and King's College, United Kingdom. 

Our Work

We work with a variety of clients to provide research-based content writing services

Podcasts production

- Podcast ideation & strategy 

 - Ideation

- Scripting

- VO artists

- recording and editing

- sounds and music

- audiograms


We work with partner organisations to conduct workshops on communication, creativity and storytelling

Business Consultant

We provide creative consultancy to brands looking to start podcasts, digital campaigns or content strategies

Content consultancy and strategy 

Creative Content

We provide creative content services including SEO articles, scripts, captions and taglines.

- Poetry meets

- Open Mics

- House sessions

- partnerships


- Story Lead

- Storyboarding

- Scripting

Story building
Video Set Up

We produce animations and films to compliment a brand's engagement efforts

Video and animation

About Us

Baatein is a Delhi-based organisation dedicated to communication enhancement for both businesses and individuals. We do so through various creative routes such as workshops, innovative visual and written content, podcasts and community engagements.

Today, after two TED talks; over 25 Open Mics; 30 Workshops; over 6,000 stories; 100 podcasts; 25,000 members and a growing client base - we are proud of what we have created.

Baatein is led by a brilliant team of women and here we hustle harder each day.

Here, we Learn. Write. Lean. Live.

Baatein was founded as a community with a focus on carving out spaces for expression to thrive. We came to life in 2014, when we conducted our first poets' meet at AMA Cafe, Majnu Ka Teela.

In the last 6 years, Baatein has grown into an engine of Creativity, Communication, Community, Conversations, and Ideas.




  • Aid your community-building efforts

  • Drive your customer engagement

  • Harness your brand value

  • Tap into a growing audio consumer market

  • Reduce your marketing spends

  • Create higher customer retention

Clients and Partnerships

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What People Say



"Hands down the most vibrant and conscientious platform I've ever come across in the world, with one true goal; to make this world a happier place through stories."




"It’s been a personal pleasure to know and work with the vibrant team of Baatein. Just like the name, their writing is also compendious.

I am glad to see that they have taken very little time to understand our work and have aptly met expectations. Above all, they have made my big personal dream a reality by giving ipsaa children the “patrika”.



"I have been following you since 2014. Your work, needless to say, is absolutely beautiful and inspiring"


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Baatein is a part of the Aravali Foundation for Education (AFE) with Head Quarters in New Delhi. Registered as a private charitable trust, AFE is dedicated to the cause of non-formal education for the past 11 years. AFE is registered under the Income Tax Act and Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA) and follows the best possible standards governance and transparency. 

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